28th of October

A public screening is organized for the launch of the Italian version (Il Cuore dell'assassino, dvd+book, published by Intento) at the Casa del Cinema, one of the best locations in Rome for filmmakers to show off their work.

Before the screening, Swami and Selmy are interviewed by RAI 1, the most popular national Italian television channel, in the beautiful setting of Villa Borghese.

In the early evening, people start to enter the Casa del Cinema, and soon all seats of the Deluxe Theater are taken.

People are still queuing up to enter…

 …so we quickly have to organize a second venue to screen the documentary. In addition, the Kodak theater has to be opened to accommodate 60 more persons, and so we can finally start.


The President of the Identes Missionaries briefly addresses the audience, then the panel of speakers, Gino Battaglia, Lucetta Scaraffia and Luigi De Salvia, introduce the film.

casacinema 13 16 B

At the end of the film Swami and Selmy receive a long applause as they reach the podium. After their touching speech as witnesses and protagonists of this incredible story of forgiveness, it is extraordinary to see people coming to father Swami to receive his blessing!