31st of October

We are invited to Bologna by the Identes Missionaries, who have organized a screening in the beautiful Corpus Domini Church. We stay at their house, where Swami helps do the cooking - Indian food, prepared by Tanyia George the missionary from Kerala!

 After lunch, a bit of relaxation walking through the streets of Bologna, before the evening screening.

The show is about to begin. Again the crowd is too big, and at the last minute we manage to find a second room, a computer and a projector so that everybody can watch the film. There is no room left for us, so we have to wait outside!


After the film, the public gather inside the church to listen to Selmy and Swami bearing witness. There are lot of young people asking questions - they had previously taken part in a 2 day seminary on forgiveness organised by Eleanna Guglielmi. Everybody is moved by Swami and Selmy's words.