Catherine McGilvray
writer, director, producer

Born in RCatherineome in 1965, she graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome (B.A. Degree in Theatre and Cinema Studies) and studied film direction at the National Film School,  Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. She has since made several short films, among which the many award-winning  WAITING FOR THE TRAIN (Aspettando il Treno) 12’, 16mm, B/W, TV broadcast on SBS and CANAL+, theatrically released by Istituto Luce, and MIRANDA’S JOURNEY (Il  cuore  all’improvviso) 13’,  35mm, B/W,  which also received many awards at festivals, TV  broadcast  on CANAL+  and LA7.   
She  wrote  and directed  the following  documentaries: LE TRAIN POUR L’OPÉRA, 52’ an Italian/French  coproduction  by GA&A,  Les Films d’Ici, TV broadcast by Arte, RTBF, Tele+, Planète, Swiss television; RENATA SCOTTO: L’ÎLE OPÉRA, 43’ French production by Aller-retour, broadcast by Arte, Mezzo; FERNANDO RIELO, POET OF GOD, 54’ produced by Filmago, and Associazione Identes; ENZO SICILIANO, LO SCRITTORE E IL SUO GUSCIO, 52’ prod. Filmago and Rome University of Tor Vergata, TV broadcast by the Italian national channel RAI3 and homevideo distribution by Fandango Libri.  
Her first feature film: L’IGUANA,  104’ 35mm, an adaptation of the novel by Anna Maria Ortese produced by MediaLand, was in the official selection at the Torino Film Festival, Mostra del Cinema di Pesaro, LAIFA, Shanghai, Alexandria, Bellaria, Festival di Procida, Napoli Film Festival, Festival di Foggia, Festival di Salerno. Awards: Best Art Direction at BAFF, Best Direction at Ischia Film Festival. The film has now been released in home video by Elliot Edizioni.

Renato Spaventa
writer, co-producer

Born renatoin Rome in 1965, he graduated from ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome in  Biology (ethology). He has been a researcher in the fields of cell biology and biochemistry. He has worked in the publishing sector and in science communication.  During the years, he has developed a deep interest in the area  of mysticism  and  spirituality.  He has written the book The other side of the river. A journey of forgiveness, in which he tells the story of the making of the film. The book is published in Italy by Intento Edizioni.


Arnaldo Colasanti

colasantiBorn in Fiuggi in 1957, writer, literary critic, co-editor of the literary magazine  “Nuovi  Argomenti”  and editor of the magazine “Poesia”, he is a scholar of literature, art and philosophy from a spiritual and mystical perspective.  He has been the artistic director of several festivals (“Grinzane Cavour”, “Babel”, “Perugia and Assisi, candidacy as 2019 capital city of European culture”) and literary prizes. He has contributed to the production of written  and  visual  works  with  a  strong  moral  content.  
His books include: “Novanta,  il conformismo della cultura italiana” (Fazi Editore, 1996); “Gatti e scimmie” (Rizzoli, 2001); “La prima notte solo  con  te”  (Mondadori,   2010);  “Enzo  Siciliano,  quel  giorno  di  indimenticabile   bellezza”,   with  a documentary by Catherine McGilvray (FandangoLibri, 2010); “Febbrili transiti” (Mimesis, 2012); "Suite Celeste. Studi di letteratura francese" (Gaffi 2013).

Nicole Sérès

nicoleBorn in Paris, after training at INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle) in Bruxelles, she has worked as a film editor since the 1980s and teached editing at Université Paris 8. For 15 years she has specialized in editing documentaries, most of them about Art, that have received awards at many international  festivals: FIPA, FIFA de Montréal, Festival du Film sur l’art de L’Unesco, Festival Classique en Images, Prix de la SACEM du meilleur documentaire de création musicale, Diapason d’or, Grand prix de l’académie Charles Cros 1999. She also edited the feature film L’IGUANA by Catherine McGilvray, FANTAISIE POUR BIOLOGIE MARINE by François Painlevé, and AUBE A GRENADE, FLAMENCO SOY, which received an award at the San Francisco Festival 2001.

Matteo Passerini
editor, digital effects

matteoBorn  in  Bologna  in 1983,  he  graduated  from the  University  of Bologna  (Visual  Arts,  Theater  Music  and Cinema  Studies)  and studied  Film  Editing  at C.S.C  Centro  Sperimentale  di  Cinematografia  of Rome.  He  has worked as an assistant editor and digital effects creator with the director Daniele Segre.   He worked in the VFX team of the mockumentary EL MUNDIAL OLVIDADO (2011) screened in the Venice Film Festival.  He has  edited  several  short  films,  AMONG  WHICH ASTRID, 22’ HD,  directed  by  Andrea  Fasciani,  selected  at the Giffoni Film Festival, MICHEL LEWANDOWSKY IN L’UOMO CON LA MACCHINA DA PRESA, (documentary) directed by Marco Tosti, 12’ HD, which received the award of the Valdarno Festival and terra, directed by Piero Messina, 27’, RED, screened at the 65th Cannes Film Festival. He directed MANO LIEPOS, a short documentary about Lithuania.

Roberto Caravella
music composer

caravellaBorn in Caracas, in 1959, he is interested in the executive practice of music from the Middle Ages until 18th Century. He has researched techniques of lute-making and repair of ancient musical instruments. In 1977 he founded the ancient music Ensemble “De Ghironda et Cantu” and subsequently the Ensemble and Baroque Orchestra  “Il Cantiere  delle Muse”, performing  in Europe  and in the United States. As a conductor, he worked  on  several  compositions  of  Renaissance,  Baroque  and  Early  Classicism  repertoire  as  well  as unpublished and rare works. He recorded for Edizioni IIIMillennio, the CD “Musica Velata” (Sonatas and Concertos for Raimondo di Sangro, Prince of San Severo); “La Rosa e la Dea”; “Rosarium” (Musical meditations dedicated to the Mysteries of Holy Rosary); “Angelus ad Virginem”. He composed the sound track of the feature film L’IGUANA directed by Catherine McGilvray.  He collaborated  as  soloist,  continuo  player  and  poly-instrumentalist   with  baroque orchestras and ensembles, participating in many recordings for EMI Records, Denon, MR Classics and Diapason. He performed on rare, ancient and ethnical instruments in concerts and performances for theatre and television. He has held Composition, Basso Continuo and Orchestral courses and master classes and he is composer of chamber and symphonic music as well as music for theatre and cinema.

Rielo Institute for Integral Development Inc.

Co-producer and distributor

RIIDThe Rielo Institute for Integral Development (RIID) founded in 2010, was inspired by the humanistic and philosophical teaching of Fernando Rielo, a charismatic mystical poet and metaphysician whose concept of human “relationality” permeates all disciplines, particularly medicine, that integrates the clinical and biological aspect, with the psychological, anthropological, cultural and spiritual.
Human beings find their identity outside of their own selves in a relationship with the others. This movement, always beyond oneself, is what defines the path of human destiny toward the pristine shores of integral development. Keeping this in mind, RIID’s mission is to foster all types of pedagogical activities, particularly health related training, to overcome despair, poverty and all “frustrations denounced by human indigence, such as illness, lack of education and injustice”. By encouraging the highest form of civilization and culture to fulfill the nature of humanity, RIID’s goals are:  

  1. Offer high quality graduate and post graduate programs, residential or distance learning, that prepare students to promote development, particularly in the field of health, fight poverty and all human despair.
  2. Develop a wide variety of educational and training programs in international cooperation and development, focusing on health, poverty migration and marginalization, while collaborating with other scientific and educational institutions to enhance the quality of programs in health and development.
  3. Promote medical scientific research aimed at reducing poverty, and building sustainable development among all nations.